Dampak Program Latihan Bounding Terhadap Kinerja Fisik Atlet Bolavoli

  • Mohammad Zaim Zen STKIP PGRI Jombang
Keywords: Physical Performance, Athlete, Bounding Exercise


The goals of this study are to 1) investigate and test the impact of employing the Single-Leg Bounding Exercise Program (BEP) on improving physical performance in the areas of agility, strength, balance, and power in the leg muscles. The participants in this research were 40 jombang volleyball players.

This is a quantitative study that uses a quasi-experimental method (quasi-experimental). The solution formula and the purposive sampling technique were employed in the sampling. A leg dynamometer test was utilized to measure leg muscle strength, a side-step test for agility, a force plate test for leg muscle power, and a balance beam test for balance during the data collection process for the first and final tests. The findings of the study on normalcy and homogeneity tests revealed expected and homogeneous data. The paired and Manova tests were used to conduct the mean difference test. Two experimental procedures result in considerable improvements in agility, strength, balance, and leg muscular power. According to the findings, a bounding workout program can greatly improve agility, strength, balance, and leg muscle power. However, the group who used the single-leg bounding exercise from the two practices saw a greater gain.


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Zen, M. (2022). Dampak Program Latihan Bounding Terhadap Kinerja Fisik Atlet Bolavoli. JURNAL STAMINA, 5(6), 240-246. Retrieved from http://stamina.ppj.unp.ac.id/index.php/JST/article/view/1129

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