Jurnal STAMINA ISSN: 2655-2515 (Online) , ISSN: 2655-1802 (Print) is a peer-reviewed journal and scientific journal published by the Department of Recreational Health, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Padang State University in collaboration with Perkumpulan Program Studi Ilmu Keolahragaan Indonesia (P2SIKI). 

Jurnal STAMINA is a scientific publication in the field of sports and health related to the aspects of sports, physical education, physiology and biochemistry of sports, sports regulations and policies, nutrition and public health. The publication of JURNAL STAMINA aims to facilitate interaction, discussion and updating of ideas from sports scientists in Indonesia. Stamina journal contains empirical research in the field of sports science. This journal is published by Padang State University and managed by the Sports Science Study Program of the Department of Health and Recreation.



This journal has also changed the frequency of publication from (once a month) to (4 times a year / once every 3 months) starting from the June 2022 issue of the publication. Frequency of publication of Stamina Journal that is three Month. (March, June, September, December)

Current Issue

Vol 5 No 6 (2022): Jurnal Stamina Edisi Juni 2022
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