Jurnal Stamina was formed in 2018 by the Faculty of Sports Science, Department of Health and Recreation, Padang State University. The publication of jurnal STAMINA aims to facilitate interaction, discussion and update of ideas from sports scientists in Indonesia.  Initially, this journal was created in advance to facilitate the scientific publication of students majoring in health and recreation, but as this journal developed, so the journal became a National journal to help the publication of various national authors. The Editor-in-Chief is the Chairman of the Department of Health and Recreation, Mr. Dr.M. Sazeli Rifki, S.Si., M.Pd., which was then conveyed to Mr. Alimuddin, S.Or., M.Or from January 2022. This journal has obtained SINTA 5 accreditation from Volume 2 Number 1 of 2019 to Volume 6 Number 6 of 2023 as evidenced by a photocopy of the Annex to the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology Number 158 / E / KPT / 2021. In addition, this journal has also changed the frequency of publication from (once a month) to (4 times a year / once every 3 months) starting from the June 2022 issue of the publication